Tips for Buyers in a Fast Paced Market

  Buyers,   You have it tough right now. In the East Nashville real estate market, you’re experiencing multiple offers, being out-bid, and not even getting a chance to see houses before they’re Under Contract. What does Under Contract mean?  The seller has accepted a buyer’s offer and they’re now moving through their inspection, appraisal,… Read More ›

How to Pick YOUR Realtor

Personality Match Buying a house is a very personal transaction, so it’s important that you get along with your Realtor. You don’t have to be best buds, but it is important that your Realtor is someone you like and can get along with. Accountability and Trust You definitely want to know that your Realtor will… Read More ›

0.55 Acre Lot in Inglewood ~ Looking for a Neighborhood Respectful Builder — SOLD

    Hello East Nashville!   I have an assignable contract at 801 Gillock Street, Nashville, TN 37216. It is 0.55 acres and can be subdivided to create 2 beautiful homes and yards for East Nashville / Inglewood Buyers.  *We are not looking for Horizontal Property Regime here — only Single Family Homes please, to keep… Read More ›

Lockeland Springs House offered at $215,000 — SOLD

    1616 Gartland Ave Nashville TN 37206 — Offered at $215,000.   This was previously listed by a Realtor for 250k.   I have this property under contract as as Buyer/investor and I am looking for another Buyer to assign my contract to. This is called “wholesaling” or “assignment of contract” for you googlers.  … Read More ›

East Nashville Price Per Square Foot, as of 3/9/14

    Has East Nashville taken a giant leap in home prices? Well, yes. In some East Nashville neighborhoods, it has gone up by $129 / per square foot. If you are an east nashville homeowner … your property values are continuing to go up! Congrats on purchasing your home / investment! If you are… Read More ›

Steps to Selling Your House

    Define your goals and expectations. Before you meet with a Realtor, define your goals, needs and expectations. Great questions to ask yourself: What is motivating me to sell? What do I expect from the sale? What are my plans after my home sells? What are my expectations from a Realtor I hire?  … Read More ›

Should you hire a home inspector?

    If you decide to hire a home inspector to inspect your house before putting it on the market, here are a few things to keep in mind: Home inspectors don’t catch everything. 1. Home inspectors are humans. Humans make mistakes. Let’s say you decide to fixed ALL of the items on the inspection report. You’re… Read More ›

What You Need To Know Before You Buy Home Insurance

Buying a home is often referenced as the “American Dream.” It represents goals, individuality, family, and in some cases a lifetime of work. Realtors are confidently touting they make the “American Dream” possible, and rightfully so, but “Who’s Insuring It?” Often times home buyers get home insurance from an 800# call center, or the company… Read More ›

Short Sales & Foreclosures with Real Estate Attorney Bob Notestine

Are you considering doing a short-sale on your house? Are you nearing foreclosure? Here’s a quick Q&A with real estate attorney Bob Notestine. Things that you might not have known about the short-sale and foreclosure process. Pros and Cons of Foreclosure? From a credit standpoint, a foreclosure is nearly as harmful as a bankruptcy, so… Read More ›

Baby Steps into Passive Income

What would you do with an extra $450-700/month? How much more financially secure would you feel?   What if I told you that you could have that without drastically changing your lifestyle, or working more hours?   The rental market in Nashville is booming, and because there is a shortage of affordable rentals, more “new to… Read More ›