Determining the List Price vs The Buyer Price

  When I am doing a sold market analysis (SMA) for an upcoming listing appointment, I look at the sales in the neighborhood for the last 3 months. I try to find the most similar properties and compare them against the Seller’s house. I ALSO do an active market analysis (AMA) comparing similar properties currently… Read More ›

The 7 Step Process to Home Buying in Nashville

Congratulations on your decision to Buy a Home in Nashville. We’ve outlined the 7 major steps of the process, to give you insight on what’s up ahead. Step 1: Create a Home Wish List Answer these questions: What is important in a neighborhood to you? What is important in a home? Step 2: Get Prequalified… Read More ›


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Loan Options for First Time Buyers (aka low down payment options)

Down Payment Assistance Programs in Tennessee When the time comes, and you’re exploring your housing options, don’t forget to ask your Realtor or lender about down payment assistance programs. Finding great representation is half the battle… without it, the process becomes tragically stressful. There are 2 great programs for low – moderate income buyers, to… Read More ›

What You Need To Know Before You Buy Home Insurance

Buying a home is often referenced as the “American Dream.” It represents goals, individuality, family, and in some cases a lifetime of work. Realtors are confidently touting they make the “American Dream” possible, and rightfully so, but “Who’s Insuring It?” Often times home buyers get home insurance from an 800# call center, or the company… Read More ›

Short Sales & Foreclosures with Real Estate Attorney Bob Notestine

Are you considering doing a short-sale on your house? Are you nearing foreclosure? Here’s a quick Q&A with real estate attorney Bob Notestine. Things that you might not have known about the short-sale and foreclosure process. Pros and Cons of Foreclosure? From a credit standpoint, a foreclosure is nearly as harmful as a bankruptcy, so… Read More ›

Is NOW really the best time to buy?

Market health: Foreclosures are lower than they’ve been since 2007.  Mortgage rates are still very low, and in Tennessee it is actually cheaper to buy than to rent.  You can buy a 3 bedroom house, under 120k, very easily. Renting a room will cost anywhere from 450-650/month.  We recently acquired a property for 400/month, and… Read More ›