my 8 cents.

The reason I do not support Chik-Fil-A is because they fund hate organizations. It is not just a matter of freedom of speech.

Would you support a business that funds PRO bullying? What about PRO racism? PRO human trafficking, PRO take your human rights away?   I certainly will not. This is not an issue of sexuality. This is an issue of equality.

50 years ago in Nashville, African Americans were discriminated against and didn’t have the same rights as Caucasians. They were bullied, beaten and burned just for being different. Would you support a company or a person that funds the KKK?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nashville_sit-ins    How is this different?

Kids and teens are continuing to commit suicide… people are being targeted and murdered for just BEING different.  How is this OK?

Anti-gay hate crimes/murderes in 2011:


18 year old Texas lesbian shot to death:


I support anything that helps me open my heart to others. To share and to be known without walls. Sharing love is a beautiful thing.

Now! I’m off to rock climb, and spend my money at JC Penny and other Pro Equality businesses.

Do whatever makes you feel good.