Steps to Selling Your House

Define your goals and expectations. Before you meeting with a Realtor, it is a good idea to define your goals, needs and expectations. Great questions to ask yourself: What is motivating you to sell? What do you expect from the sale? What are you plans after your home sells? What are your expectations from a… Read More ›

Should you hire a home inspector before listing your house for sale?

I like to assess all of my options and make my decision accordingly. To each their own, so, I will share the pros and cons of both options, so that you can make your own informed decision. If you decide to hire a home inspector to inspect your house before putting it on the market, here are… Read More ›

Common Mistakes – Why Your House Doesn’t Show Well

  Not sure why your home is not showing well or taking longer to sell than you anticipated?   Layout  Do you have a very unique or irregular floor plan that doesn’t cater well to your target market? If you bought it – someone else will, right? Great, staging will be your best friend for… Read More ›