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Selling Your House to

Hey Y’all. Did anyone get a letter in the mail from OpenDoor?  I did! So… I went down the rabbit hole. 🙂 . Here’s my review! They claim to streamline and simplify the house selling process. I put my address in to see how much they would offer me. For my house in East Nashville, they offered $313,000. COOL RIGHT?!…

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Urban Ecovillage Pop Up @ Shelby Park. East Nashville Farmers Market

Pop Up Festival #4 // Every Wednesday through October 24, 2018.  3:30-7pm Shelby Park @ the East Nashville Farmers Market. The Urban Ecovillage Network is collecting cash or instrument donations for baby and kid friendly drums, noise makers, shakers and tambourines for all the little humans that show up to the circle! The kids hanging in communal rhythm is so…

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Who is Chrissy Kirkwood?

Our Founder Chrissy is a grand mutt. She’s of Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese and Scottish descent. She was born in the Philippines and grew up in California. At the age of 18, she moved to Tennessee and fell in love with East Nashville. She’s a percussionist (and a dabbler on any instrument you put in her hands), and a savvy…

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Unicorns? The Kirkwood Property Group difference.

Good job Matt Schaaf! The proof is in the puddin’. This is one of the benefits working with a Kirkwood Property Group agent. The offer wasn’t the highest — but it was the winning bid! We’re unicorns in the business. lol. This is also why we start agents off with auditing contracts — they learn so much as a mentee…

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Nashville Markets to Watch in 2018

People often ask me, where’s the next place to invest in? What are your thoughts?  Well, here they are! Here are my top 3 markets to watch, and invest in for 2018: Murfreesboro – 30-45 minutes from Downtown Nashville. Lots of green spaces, MTSU, agriculture and hemp, and within 1 hour drive from beautiful hiking and waterfalls. Antioch – there’s…

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How I created freedom in my life, by buying my first house in Nashville

I was 20 years old when I bought my first house. I read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and saw real estate as my way. I did this without any of my own money. People assume that I must have come from money to be able to do this. The truth is, I got my GED instead of…

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