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Rooms For Rent in Murfreesboro Ecovillage

Tiny House Living with Shared Amenities at the Urban Ecovillage Murfreesboro.   Greetings Earthlings! 😀   Just kidding. But SERIOUSLY. The wonders of this planet <3 <3 <3.   Ok, back to the task at hand. 😛   We are slowly but surely developing a community house in Murfreesboro, called Urban Ecovillage Murfreesboro. It is a house with a little…

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Like Plants

  Imagine This ~**~~~**~***~~   humans like plants. Starting from seed. Developing and Blossoming. Rooting down into the soil, and deeper into the earth.  Strong. Riding out the seasons and the storms. Recovering. Resilient. Some humans remain in the same town, perhaps the same house, their entire lives. Some humans uproot and transplant themselves into other gardens around the planet,…

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Stand for Sustainability — Fundraiser for Aircrete Cabin

Sustainability Warriors! <3 We’ve designed these shirts and sweaters for 2019. Check out the different styles and colors. American Apparel. USA made. Be our community ambassadors by wearing your swag. If you order them before Dec 31, you get it at cost. Pick it up at the urban ecovillage east nashville. We’ll be selling these at a higher cost in…

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Fundraiser for the Urban Ecovillage East Nashville

kakaw! 🙂 Want a cute shirt? We’re doing a fundraiser for the urban ecovillage east nashville, where they regularly host donation based yoga, meditation, drumming, vegan meals, and community gatherings. In 2019, they’ll be selling these items. However, if you purchase any of these items before Dec 31st, you get it at cost, and are brand ambassador for the urban…

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Selling Your House to

Hey Y’all. Did anyone get a letter in the mail from OpenDoor?  I did! So… I went down the rabbit hole. 🙂 . Here’s my review! They claim to streamline and simplify the house selling process. I put my address in to see how much they would offer me. For my house in East Nashville, they offered $313,000. COOL RIGHT?!…

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Urban Ecovillage Pop Up @ Shelby Park. East Nashville Farmers Market

Pop Up Festival #4 // Every Wednesday through October 24, 2018.  3:30-7pm Shelby Park @ the East Nashville Farmers Market. The Urban Ecovillage Network is collecting cash or instrument donations for baby and kid friendly drums, noise makers, shakers and tambourines for all the little humans that show up to the circle! The kids hanging in communal rhythm is so…

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