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Essential Real Estate Services – The Minimalism of Selling Your House

The days of paying 3% to sell your house are over. Why pay more if you don’t have to? Just like Airbnb changed the hotel industry, the real estate industry is changing. Even though it may not be popular to say so, it’s for the better. Save Money. Save Time. Keep more of your money… You earned it! A la…

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Nashville Real Estate Disrupters

Real Estate is changing. Just like Airbnb and VRBO shook up the hotel world, and how Lyft and Uber shook up the taxi industry, there are shake ups already happening in Real Estate. Amazon is now in the real estate industry. Open Door is now in the real estate industry. They claim hassle free selling, which is a great concept,…

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6 Human Needs – The Why Behind Our Behavior .. and dead giraffes

Real Estate is a people business. We deal with emotions, rational and irrational thought, fears, hopes, dreams… all of it. Moving is usually an exciting and stressful time for people because is signifies big change. It’s a relocation, it’s a divorce, it’s a marriage, it’s a family, it’s expansion, it’s downsizing, it’s bankruptcy, it’s selling everything to travel the world,…

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Leave No Trace – Primitive Camping March 2019

What does leave no trace mean? Click Here 66 acres in Pinewood, TN (45 minutes west of downtown nashville) practice meditation practice yoga practice primitive camping experience Off grid. No power. Fire. Peace. Simplicity. Creek + Pond. Pastures + Woods. Do you want to go out as an individual or a group? Contact Chrissy Kirkwood for weekend, weekly and monthly…

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Aircrete Play Date! February 28th – join us?

Hi Friends! If you’ve been curious about aircrete, or want to witness the process, let us know! Let’s build something small and easy first. What about an aircrete dog house, in the shape a pyramid? Triangles are the strongest shape. We will be hosting planning sessions and think tanks prior to the play date. Get on our email list if…

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Co-Farming? 45 Min West of Downtown Nashville

Is this a crazy idea, or a needed solution? We shall see! I met with a prospective renter the other day. He is a farmer and was looking for a spot relatively close to his farming operation. In chatting, I found out that it was hard to come by farming land for rent, that didn’t include an expensive house with…

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